- 8 channel Neve 4081 Preamps

- 16 Channel Soundcraft Delta console.

 - Roland Space Echo RE-301

- PreSonus Firestudio XMAX Class A preamp

- FMR RNC1773 Compressor

- Fender Blues junior

- Fender Champion 100w Amp

- Fender 350w Rumble Bass Amp


- Neumann TLM 103 Vocal Microphone

- AKG C414

- RØDE NTR Ribbon Microphone 

- RØDE NT55 stereo pair


- Shure SM57s & SM58s

- AGK P175


- Full Drum Kit

- Roland EP-09

- Arturia Microbrute Synthesiser*

- Korg MS200 Synthesiser*

- Tokai Ezybreez Telecaster, EMG pickups*

- Godin Session, EMG Pickups*

* Only available for recording.

Neve 4081 Pre Amps

Neve 4081 Pre Amps

Built in the same way as Neve's legendary 1972 consoles for that classic Neve sound.

Roland RE-103

Roland RE-103

The iconic tape delay and chorus effect.

Neumann TLM 103

Neumann TLM 103

The perfect vocal mic for a wide range of vocalists.

Rode NTR Ribbon Microphone

Rode NTR Ribbon Microphone

Ideal choice for drum room mic, or acoustic guitar.

AKG C 414

AKG C 414

Classic studio standard microphone. Externally precise and versatile.